I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Janet.

It’s my honor to offer you encouragement as you help your family grow in our beautiful catholic faith

As a faithful Catholic mom in this fast-paced world, deep down more than anything, you want to help your family to love and serve God, and to live and cherish this beautiful Faith. And you know, somehow, it starts with you. But life gets crazy busy and your family gets pulled in different directions, and you realize you’re not where you want to be.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way!   

You want to be a little more prayerful, a little more organized, a little more balanced between Martha and Mary. You long to make life beautiful!

Well, even though it might feel like it, you are not alone. There are other Catholic mothers out there who feel it too; there are also mothers who have lived it through and left behind love and hope and encouragement for the rest of us!

If you are a mom who is striving to create a faithful, joy-filled, warm and loving home you are in the right place. If you are longing to feed your soul to gently guide your family, you will find beloved Catholic prayers and novenas, ideas for letting your faith be “caught, not taught,” stories about the saints, and ideas for celebrating sacraments and the Liturgical Year for your family.

If you are living on one income (or two) and trying to make ends meet, struggling with a budget, all while keeping up with household routines, you can find ideas you need here to help organize and create a warm, comfy, inviting home. You might also long to enrich yourself with good books and movies, and inspiring ideas in order to offer your best to those around you. And finally, you’ll find ideas for relaxing and celebrating together–making memories with your loved ones.

A family serves the Lord together, serves one another, suffers, and celebrates joy together. It’s all part of the journey. May you find practical ideas and encouragement, faith, hope, and love on your journey as a faith-filled Catholic mom trying always to do her best for her family.

That’s what Quiet Joys is all about.

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Please continue on to begin creating your Catholic Home.