The Laundry Tip that Can Change Your Life

You would never guess how one small laundry tip can change your life, but this one is worth a try! It’s worked in our family for more than twenty years.

Dirty laundry basket
Laundry makes the world go round?

It’s hard to face the laundry when you’re staring at a hamper full of clothes and another giant mountain next to it.

You try to knock it all out in one day, but what a job!

The one laundry tip that can completely change your life, turning laundry from a huge chore into No Big Deal, is this laundry sorter.

Even young kids think it’s fun to sort their clothing straight into the correct laundry bag at night. The navy bag works well for darks, the white for whites, and the gray for colors. You can ditch the wheels…nobody needs the family laundry going for rides. (It happens.)

If your 3 year old mysteriously has no laundry one week, look under the bed, in the drawers, and behind the couch…and then check in the “Going to Grandma’s” suitcase. Because that’s where dirty clothes go when there’s a fun zipper.

The System

Now that you have the sorting practically eliminated, you can use an easy system to make doing the laundry fit right into your life.

On Monday, you grab a basket or two and fill it with the darks. I leave the laundry bags attached and empty them into the baskets. That way the bags are ready for use again immediately.



Fold straight out of the dryer and back into the basket.

If you have two loads of darks, then repeat the above steps.

Put away. (Even if you don’t do this immediately…at least it’s folded!)

No more laundry today. That’s it. Don’t be tempted–no more.

On Tuesday, you do the whites.

On Wednesday, the colors.

On Thursday, sheets or towels as needed.

On Friday, on Saturday, on Sunday…no laundry at all!

The Benefits

Laundry begins to fit seamlessly into your life.

No more overwhelming laundry marathons.

Your family members know when their favorite jeans will be washed.

As long as you do the day’s laundry, especially when life gets rough, somehow the world will keep going, and you will make it through.

Give it a try!

I hope you’ll give this simple laundry system a try for at least three weeks. See if it works for you! Do you have a favorite laundry tip? Feel free to share your laundry ideas in the comments! Please join the list for new posts and encouragement in your inbox.

Folded laundry
Clean folded laundry can change your life!

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